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Robust, Proven Development

At Reference Point, the quality and security of our products and services is hugely important to our customers; that’s why we use the best tools and suppliers available to ensure what we deliver is as good as it could possibly be.

Throughout the development and delivery of your solutions we employ robust, proven cycles of development and releases – this ensures that nothing slips through the net, allowing us to work more quickly and more reliably.

Our renowned attention to detail doesn’t just cover the inception and development of your solution. Once ready for release, it will be securely hosted by us and monitored every minute of every day for its entire working life.

We can host your application in up to 10 data-centres, run by Pulsant, who are at the forefront of UK hosting. Their flagship centre, situated in central Milton Keynes, carries the highest possible accolades for a hosting centre in the UK.

A solution needs to be monitored over its working life. Features can be added, data changes shape – you can say that a solution is constantly evolving. So we can be sure that your solution is working as well as it possibly can, we use a suite of industry-leading tools to analyse and monitor its performance and availability. This allows us to optimise your solution throughout its lifespan, keeping it running quickly and without issue.


The Systems We Use


New Relic

Gathers application and server metrics for analysis. Used by over 3 million applications worldwide, 1 billion mobile app instances worldwide and collects nearly 1 trillion metrics every day.



Monitors availability of every part of your hosted solution, from firewalls and servers to the application itself and transactions within it. Trusted by over half a million users to keep them abreast of any potential issues.



Keeps track of applications for errors and issues, capturing information to help us fix bugs fast. World-leading support for programming languages and data capture. Used by over 150 million users, capturing over 10 million metrics per hour.


Octopus Deploy

Deploys your software reliably, whilst enforcing business processes and release gating. Ensures your software is on the right environment at the right time. Used by thousands of companies worldwide to power their deployments.


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