Checarda, download for Windows

Checarda is an app that allows you to check our virtual smartcard's details using a PC or Laptop:

  • To read physical cards a suitable USB smartcard reader together with the correct drivers are required.
  • To read virtual cards either a handheld QR code scanner or a webcam can be used.

Recommended and approved smartcard readers are available from Smartcard Focus.

You can also read physical and virtual smartcards on your smartphone by downloading Checarda on Android or iOS.

Please note: iOS is only available for reading virtual smartcards.

How does Checarda work?

The card reader pulls information either directly from the physical smartcard’s chip or from the virtual smartcard’s secure, short-life QR code. Information from the card read is then surfaced on a PC or laptop screen. This not only reduces the possibility of card fraud, but also makes capturing and storing smartcard details much quicker and more efficient.

When Checarda is used to read a card online, it checks for updates against the card data first prior to surfacing the information. When reading a physical card offline, the most recently available data stored on the smartcard chip is presented. When a virtual card is read offline, Checarda validates the authenticity of the card immediately and later downloads the full card data once an internet connection is available.

How to read a virtual smartcard

  • Use either a handheld QR code scanner or webcam connected to a PC.
  • Open the Checarda App.
  • Read the QR code generated by the cardholder.
  • An image of the card will appear on the screen.

How to read a physical card

  • Ensure a suitable USB smartcard reader and the relevant drivers are installed on the PC or laptop.
  • Open the Checarda App.
  • Place the card on the back of the device, for at least 5 seconds, so the application can check its validity.
  • An image of the card and the cardholder’s data will be displayed on the screen.

Additional functionality

Additional functionality and settings accessed via the drop-down menu include:

  1. Card List:
    • Filter: by today, last 3 days, last week, last month and all cards.
    • Sort: by Swipe Time (newest), Swipe Time (oldest), Surname (ascending), Surname (descending), Expiry Date (latest), Expiry Date (earliest).
    • Export Swipes: select an export file format (XML or CSV).
    • Clear: remove entries.
  2. Options:
    • CSCS Management Service URL: allows you to check this connection.
    • Vircarda URL: allows you to check this connection.
    • Synchronise cards by NFC: ticked by default, uncheck this box if you do not want to synchronise your card reads.
    • Enable offline mode for QR scans: unchecked by default, tick this box if you want to enable offline QR code reads.
    • Card swipes retained for: default setting is 30 days, but this can be changed at your discretion.
    • Show welcome on startup: this box is unchecked by default, tick this box if you do not wish to see the welcome screens on startup.
    • Show tutorial on startup: this box is unchecked by default, tick this box if you do not wish to see the tutorials on startup.
    • Reader name: displays the friendly name that was entered when the app was first launched, if no friendly name was entered, then this box will show the default name of your PC.
    • Configured handheld QR scanner: these two buttons allow a handheld QR Scanner to be configured or existing settings cleared.
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