London Underground

London Underground is London’s public transit system. It serves 270 stations and has over 400 kilometres of track; 55% of which is above ground. The refurbishment and maintenance of this infrastructure is delivered by thousands of construction and support workers – the vast majority of whom are employed by contractors and sub-contractors, not directly by London Underground.

The Requirement

  • Replace the old “paper” Work Permit cards with an electronically readable smartcard to ensure that only authorised and trained workers would get access to the infrastructure and the track.
  • Log that workers had entered and exited the site to ensure that all workers were safely off site at the end of their shift and to provide supplementary information for the existing evacuation documentation.
  • Consideration was needed to the fact that online access would not be readily accessible at stations or underground so a solution was required that took this into account.

The Solution

The initial phase of the solution replaced the old paper Work Permit with an electronically-readable smartcard. The card selected was a high capacity, high security contact smartcard that had capacity to accommodate all competences held by the operative.

A simple, low cost offline smartcard reader was the device selected that could be used anywhere on the infrastructure to check cards for authenticity as well as ensuring that individuals had the competences required.

The Outcome

Initial implementation of the system was successful and has been in use within the business for many years. Since the launch, a range of new functionality has been added such as online training booking, payment and shift planning.

This system has now been implemented across the entire estate and also covers Tube Lines.

"In my experience Reference Point has provided an excellent service to London Underground."

Lorna Smith - London Underground


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