Thames Water
Competence management for the UK's largest water provider.
Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and wastewater provider. It is also responsible for some of the UK’s most significant construction projects to improve its infrastructure, including Thames Tideway. Many of the people involved in these projects are not employed by Thames Water but by an extensive supply chain.

The Requirement

Seriously committed to a well-trained and competent workforce and to maintain the highest standards of site safety, the client was clear on what it wanted from a competence management system. This included:

  • Ensuring that no unqualified worker would get access to site
  • Record all training in one system including for the supply chain
  • Provide a smartcard as an ID card to cut down on the risk of counterfeit cards
  • Facilitate worker transition across the supply chain whilst keeping one record on the system

The Solution

The first implementation for the client was a fully bespoke system. However, when the client commissioned a range of new functional additions for its second phase at Beckton we recommended SkillGuard Platinum be used as the core system with any additional required custom elements added to this.

Custom elements onto the core system included full physical access control at one of the UK’s busiest construction projects, controlling delivery access, visitors and contractors through vehicle barriers and turnstiles, as well as random card checks, managed on one powerful online solution.

The Outcome

The Thames Water system manages competences, as well as site access and entry of construction operatives across a wide range of Thames Water sites. This includes its flagship Beckton project where in addition to large numbers of construction workers, deliveries are made round the clock and up to 2000 vehicles may need access in any 24 hour period. In addition, there are often over 1,500 visitors to the site per week.

"We are so pleased with the benefits that have been achieved by the Reference Point solution at Beckton that we are looking at implementing similar systems at other Thames Water sites to help to manage safety and security and to improve management reporting."

Kevin Ford - Thames Water


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