Go Smart technology used in Build UK & CECA smartcard annual audit

Monday, 15 May 2017

At Reference Point, we work very closely with CSCS developing innovative Smart technology solutions, for the CSCS Smartcard scheme and Go Smart app. The app turns Android Smartphones and tablet devices into smartcard readers using the device’s embedded NFC functionality and is also available for PCs and laptops.

So, we were delighted when Build UK and CECA wanted to use the Go Smart app for their annual industry-wide smartcard audit enabling them to get a better understanding of the use of Smart technology across the construction industry.

By reading the cards electronically, site managers can identify fake cards and check to make sure that every cardholder is competent to undertake the task at hand. Reading up-to-date core scheme data in real time and being able to record the cardholder’s information for audit purposes, reduced the time spent auditing as well as the associated administration whilst improving on site health & safety.

The results of this year’s audit show an increase of over 500% in the adoption of Smart technology across the construction industry when compared with previous audits, which is a great result but there is still more work to be done.

The audit also identified 715 expired cards needing to be renewed and 12 cards that were found to be fraudulent and have been passed to the police for investigation.

It’s an exciting time in the construction industry and the Reference Point Smart solutions could also benefit businesses in other sectors, so if you have any business requirements that would benefit from the adoption of Smart technology please contact us.

For more information visit: Build UK and CECA.

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