Reference Point appointed Technology Partner by Build UK

Tuesday, 02 May 2017

At Reference Point, we’re really excited to be appointed the Technology Partner of Build UK.

As the market leader in smart technology for the construction industry, Reference Point has developed a suite of solutions to support its partners and clients and looks forward to working more closely with Build UK to deliver change across the construction supply chain.

In construction, Reference Point is probably best known for its work developing the Smart solutions behind the CSCS Smartcard and the associated Go Smart app, both important developments for the industry in its drive to ensure all cards are Smart by 2020.

Also in the Reference Point portfolio are SkillSight and CourseSight providing a simple training records system and an online marketplace for training courses. SkillSight works with the CSCS Smartcard technology, enabling companies to add training to staff records, as well as updating the CSCS Smartcard. CourseSight allows companies and individuals to find relevant training courses and learning opportunities. Both solutions are now widely used across the construction industry.

With an established working relationship, Reference Point and Build UK have already successfully delivered technology projects including the Build UK and CECA Audit in February, where the Go Smart app was used, and the Build UK Open Doors event in March, showcasing Reference Point’s new Virtual Smartcard technology. Going forwards, work is already underway to deliver other premium Smart technology solutions.

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