CSCS Smartcards in Construction

Thursday, 20 October 2016

All CSCS cards contain a chip that transforms your card into a powerful smartcard, which can be used in various ways right within your construction business.

By using a smartphone, tablet or PC, this smart technology provides instant access to cardholder information at site level, where it is most required.

At Reference Point, we have worked closely with CSCS to develop smart solutions, such as the innovative Go Smart app, which turns Android mobile devices into smartcard readers by using the phone’s embedded NFC functionality. This app is also available for PCs.

By reading smartcards electronically, site managers can be sure that cards are not fake and can check to make sure that every cardholder is competent to undertake the task at hand by reading core scheme data straight from the card.

What’s more, if CSCS Smartcards are registered on SkillSight then other secondary qualifications, training outcomes and competence information can be recorded onto the smartcard and surfaced on site in the same way.

CSCS have created four short videos that demonstrate how smartcards can be used as powerful business tools across the construction industry.

CSCS Smartcards Overview

CSCS Smartcards for Site Managers

CSCS Smartcards for Head Office

The Future of CSCS Smartcards

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