CourseSight: The Big Benefits Being Delivered to Users of the Marketplace in 2019

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

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CourseSight, Reference Point’s newest solution, has been delivering major benefits to its users in 2019 and increasingly is being seen as the trusted destination for quality workforce training in key sectors such as rail, construction and transport.

Designed initially with the idea of being a single marketplace for our SkillGuard workforce management system clients to manage, promote or book training to fulfil competence requirements on their card schemes, CourseSight has since been opened out to the wider training industry. This allows small and large training providers and companies alike to benefit from the powerful comprehensive features and buzzing community.

The true value of a single marketplace lies in the way it is mutually beneficial not only for each individual community member but for the industry as a whole. Below are a few statistics from this year that illustrate the wider value CourseSight is delivering.

For Companies:
So far in 2019, 15,000 Rail Industry bookings have been taken through CourseSight.


  • 15,000 workers who are safer working on the track.
  • 15,000 workers who are receiving the training they need to progress in their job roles.
  • 15,000 additional skills adding value to the UK workforce.
  • 15,000 new competences that can be added to their industry cards.

For Training Providers:
One of our largest UK clients has achieved more than £1 million in training sales revenue since joining the system in January 2019, and with CourseSight’s comprehensive functionality there is very little that the provider needs to do on administration, increasing efficiency and enabling staff to focus on training delivery and improvements, not set-up and admin.

That’s with:

  • No time wasted by training provider on bad debt as all payment is managed securely online.
  • Far fewer incoming calls to the provider because CourseSight’s comprehensive functionality manages all communications directly to the worker e.g. joining instructions.
  • Reduction in administration costs means more can be reinvested in training to improve skills across the industry.

For Industry Bodies:
CourseSight also underpins good practice, rewarding quality delivery from providers. It encourages industry bodies and their providers to work together to offer the highest quality courses to the widest community.

One of our industry bodies now has over 30 approved providers on its membership group listing both privately and publicly through the system giving them access to insights and activity on accredited courses and industry trends.


  • 30+ approved providers delivering best practice training to the community.
  • 30+ providers worth of data informing industry trends and investment areas.
  • 30+ providers helping to inform improvement areas in industry training.
  • 30+ providers offering recognised qualifications adding value to employers and workers.

The marketplace acts as a central hub for booking benefitting all participants. If you would like to join the community, go to: or if you are an industry body: Contact Us.

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