New CSCS Partner Scheme Launch – FASET, Protecting Workers At Height

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Reference Point and FASET are delighted to announce the launch of the FASET card – the thirteenth CSCS Partner scheme to join the Go Smart card checking platform operated by Reference Point. The FASET card provides an easy way to ensure those undertaking works that require Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training have a suitable qualification and are able to complete works at height.

FASET cards can be checked either using the Go Smart apps or the Go Smart online card checker as well as a host of other third-party applications that utilise Go Smart functionality.

FASET is a virtual-only scheme. This means that all cards issued are digital cards. Digital cards can be issued faster, are more environmentally friendly to produce and are lower cost than printed cards.

A particular benefit of a virtual scheme is that it provides a conduit for communicating with members.

When checking cards with Go Smart, as well as the FASET training it is also possible to surface related training booked through online training marketplace CourseSight.

The partnership between FASET and CSCS means that everyone who works at height will have the opportunity to move over from their current CSCS card to the new FASET card at the start of February. This transfer is FREE up to 31st July 2021.


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About Reference Point Limited
Founded over 20 years ago, Reference Point is an international technology company with a long and successful history of delivering systems to manage clients’ workforces, to help them work safely and effectively together, day in, day out, long-term.
Smartcard technology and mobile apps play a big part in most of Reference Point’s headline schemes, providing people with portable up-to-date information about themselves which can be checked by others. Projects range from CSCS’s Go Smart ecosystem, which is also open to CSCS Partners - some of which are small specialist organisations representing specific sectors in construction - all the way through to major international health and safety enterprise solutions based on the company’s award-winning SkillGuard solution for clients such as Network Rail, TfL, Highways England, Thames Water and the Australasian Railway Association.For further information, visit: 


FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training) is the established trade association and training body for the safety netting and temporary safety systems industry.FASET has long been a foundation in supporting its members with expert quality guidance, dedicated working at height training and exclusive membership benefit schemes all with the intention of promoting a safer way of working. Falls from height are still the leading cause of death in the workplace, and that is why we strive to achieve extremely high standards with our training, courses, and guidance and that is shown through our trusted and reliable contractors, manufacturers and trainers in the industry. Being a FASET member is a symbol of trust and ensuring complete peace of mind when businesses choose our members to partner with. All members undergo a rigorous audit which is now accredited by SSiP and is therefore mutually recognised with other health and safety assessment schemes, vitally important if you or your colleagues work at height.For further information, visit:  

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