Single Technology is Helping to Improve Health and Safety Across Construction

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Over the last decade, Reference Point has been working with leading organisations, across construction and infrastructure to deliver high-quality, robust mobile workforce management systems, providing unrivalled visibility across the entire supply chain.

The latest organisation to adopt this market-leading technology is Highways England, which has just launched its Passport system, for its supply chain. The technology is already proven and used by a growing list of organisations including Network Rail and Transport for London (Sentinel system), HS2 and Thames Water, covering direct employees as well as sub-contractors and visitors.

All these systems allow organisations to manage their workforces more effectively, whether direct employees, sub-contractors or even visitors, by enabling them to record, update and surface individuals’ training, competences and credentials in real-time. This information is then checked to ensure that workers have had sufficient rest and are qualified to do the job they are there to do before gaining access to work on sites, helping to keep people safe and sites productive.

For Highways England and its supply chain, the Passport system provides a shared system for recording individuals’ information, increasing the transferability of skills across employers and sites and reducing the amount of time spent on duplicate training and other events like repeat Drug & Alcohol tests.

Reference Point also develops and manages the smart technology behind the CSCS Smartcard and Go Smart apps as well as SkillSight. The CSCS skills certification scheme now covers a workforce of just under 3 million.

Everyone should be able to work in a safe environment and at Reference Point we measure our success on that of our clients, striving to make the use of technology simple and effective.

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