SkillGuard for Utilities: One Single Passport to Work Across the Sector

Wednesday, 09th November, 2022 


SkillGuard for Utilities has launched, offering one single mobile workforce management system for the entire utilities sector.

SkillGuard for Utilities provides a cross-industry platform available to all organisations operating in the sector. The system uses the same trusted software behind Network Rail Sentinel, Highways Passport, Tarmac OneCard and more. 

Thames Water is already onboard as an anchor client, having worked with Reference Point, the provider of the system, to extend their previous Thames Water Health and Safety Passport to the entire sector. They bring with them over 300 contractors, more than 20,000 workers and an approved training provider network.

Gareth Mullen, Health and Safety Director for Thames Water said the following:

“SkillGuard for Utilities was born out of the huge benefits we saw from the Thames Water Safety Passport and the way those benefits will multiply when scaled up across the entire industry - just look at the success of Highways Passport and Network Rail Sentinel.

It will help our industry work more collaboratively and to further break down unnecessary siloes which don’t benefit anyone. Most importantly, we’ve found the system a key pillar of our approach to health, safety and wellbeing across Thames Water whilst helping boost efficiency. We know it can do the same for the whole of the sector.”

Tanya Morris, Business Development Director for Reference Point, said this of the launch: “We’re delighted that SkillGuard for Utilities has launched so successfully, offering the rest of the utility industry the many benefits that Thames Water enjoys. As well as increasing worker safety, the efficiencies and savings are enormous, so it’s a win-win for the whole sector.”