The Highways Common Induction Training Course and the Passport System: What you Need to Know

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

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The Highways England Health and Safety Passport System is now in its second year of implementation with more workers and contractors joining every month.

The need for the solution was initiated by Highways England’s supply chain to continue to raise worker safety in the industry and to set a comprehensive safety training standard for all workers. This also prompted the start of the industry-wide Highways England Common Induction (HCI), co-developed by LANTRA, the leading industry awarding body. This streamlines the induction process by delivering core induction material once, so that only site - or employer-specific induction elements applicable to schemes on the strategic road network need to be delivered additionally.

Once a worker has attended and passed the Highways England Common Induction, this is stored securely - along with any other training qualifications - on the Passport system. The worker record has a unique smartcard as well, so that workers can present their up-to-date credentials when arriving on site, eliminating the need for duplicate training and providing trusted authority to work.

Full information about the Passport software and how to register is available:

The Highways England Common Induction gives the assurance that contractors have trained their staff in health and safety to a common standard, even if they are working between sites and for different companies.

For the Highways England workforce, the scheme means that they don’t have to repeat all elements of the safety induction if they move between sites, saving time and money.

An overview of the Highways England Common Induction Training Course

  • Introduction
  • Working on the network
  • Occupational health and wellbeing
  • Working within temporary traffic management
  • Fatal risks
  • Environmental protection
  • Your personal health and safety commitment

The key audience for Highways Common Induction Course

The Common Induction training is for anyone, other than occasional visitors, who has access to any Highways England site, such as workers and supervisors. The course is a one-day programme and, once completed, a record of the successful completion of the training will be stored on the individual’s Passport smartcard, enabling authorised staff at any Highways England site to access this record and confirm credentials instantly.

The benefits of the Highways England Common Induction Training

The Highways England Common Induction training sets a standard for health and safety across the supply chain. It promotes best practice standards including Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Environment management and raises awareness on the significant risks on the strategic road network. It helps eliminate repetitive general site inductions and aims to set common standards on the network, saving time and money across the supply chain.

Deadline to complete the Highways Common Induction

“Lifesaving Rule (Raising the Bar 23): All contracts and projects that are due to start after the 1st April 2019 or those which are due to finish after 1st April 2020 (inclusive of contracts and projects that are in pre-construction) must fully comply with the Highways England Passport scheme, including HCI, on 1st April 2019.”

The Common Induction training is valid for 3 years, unless circumstance dictates otherwise.

CourseSight: the ideal way to book HCI courses with confidence

Many Lantra approved providers with forthcoming HCI training availability offer their places on CourseSight. CourseSight uniquely enables companies to view the marketplace: to find, book and pay for the course all in one go, confident that they are buying from a Lantra-accredited provider, delivering the approved content.

Providers are adding more courses weekly and there is provision across the country.

Due to our close relationship with Lantra, we have developed a clear approval flagging system within CourseSight, which allows you to identify quality training providers using the Lantra approved Highways Common Induction course.

In addition, CourseSight is now linked to the Passport smartcard system used by Highways England, so any successful HCI outcome recorded on CourseSight will be transferred instantly to their smartcard, which is a huge benefit to companies as there is no delay getting staff on to site.

Book Now

Online at Simply search, select your preferred provider and book. Many of Lantra’s approved providers have their courses here including Kier, AJ’s, Up To Speed and Wilbar Associates and you can book and pay online. If booking through CourseSight, successful achievement of the HCI course is transferred immediately from CourseSight to the cardholder’s record on Passport, meaning that you have the evidence of achievement very fast.

As an additional benefit CourseSight is not just for HCI, there are a wealth of courses and training providers available on CourseSight across the Rail, Construction and Highways industries. Allowing easy searching, booking and tracking of all staff training.

Get in touch for any further details or with any questions:

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