Covering five states and more than eight and a half thousand kilometres of track, ARTC is responsible for managing and maintaining the track. ARTC is a major company benefiting from the Rail Industry Worker system and this client study looks at their recent implementation of RIW and the benefits it is already bringing their business.

ARTC and The Rail Industry Worker Programme

As a major player in the Australian rail industry ARTC are using the RIW system. RIW is a rebranded version of Reference Point's SkillGuard product.

Chris Turner, Senior Safety Advisor commented how powerful it is to swipe in and swipe out. “What's impressed us the most is how easy it is to use. All of our protection officers can literally watch a short training program, pick it straight up and use it. A couple of other powerful tools for us are that it helps manage fatigue when we're working across industries or across networks and we've got a secondary check on contract hours. All of these things put together create a very powerful tool for us.“

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