Highways Passport

"Ensuring that the workforce remains safe and competent is key to delivering all of National Highways' work. Highways Passport is a supply chain initiative which we fully endorse and regard as best practice.

The scheme provides everyone who is working on our network with clear awareness of risks and hazards in a consistent manner and also ensures that everyone is aware of how their behaviours impact on themselves, colleagues, the industry, the environment and our customers. This aligns with our vision “we want everyone who works with us and everyone who travels on our network to get home safe and well”, and supports the delivery of our first imperative of Safety."

Nick Harris, National Highways, Chief Executive

National Highways is the body that operates, maintains and improves the UK's motorways and A Roads. They endorse the Highways Passport system and use it for their own employed workforce.

Highways Passport now has more than 30,000 workers on its records and over 800 different organisations. It provides a Passport to work across the entire highways industry, allowing workers to carry their credentials with them. 

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