SkillGuard for Utilities

“The impact of Thames Water Health and Safety Passport on Thames Water has been huge. Before implementation, many of our contractor staff didn't receive health and safety training as standard.

Our safety improvements have been dramatic over the last eight years because of it. We've reduced our lost time injury frequency rate down to industry-leading standards.”

Gareth Mullen, Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Thames Water

Thames Water is the largest utility in the UK, serving 15 million customers.
Thames Water has been using the SkillGuard system for their own Thames Water Safety Passport for many years, but this was their own system and not open more broadly. Thames Water is now an anchor client on the new industry-wide SkillGuard for Utilities platform and has replaced its previous passport system with SkillGuard for Utilities for its workforce.
Two Thames Water staff members on site