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CourseSight: The Industry-Leading Training Management Solution 

Built for flexibility, the system can manage all your training sales, whether this is general sales to your supply chain, to a closed group, private courses or even spare capacity on internal training all in one easy-to-use platform. in a new tab icon

Why CourseSight?

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Everything You Need, Immediately
CourseSight offers a comprehensive, off-the-shelf solution to automate every aspect of training management.



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Powerful Functionality for Major Organisations
Designed to help large businesses who need to professionalise their workforce provide training as part of their offering, with a single platform through which to manage every kind of learning, whether face to face, virtual classroom or eLearning.
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Closed Communities, Designed by You
It allows you to create closed communities for your supply chain, giving training providers a private space to sell quality, accredited training provision to their supply chains and customers.

CourseSight can integrate and link with many other systems.

CourseSight Benefits

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Turn your training department into a cost-positive area of your organisation with a system that enables you to sell your accredited training to your supply chain through a secure portal. It allows you to sell materials, manage membership renewals and improve cash flow.

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Manage sales to the wider industry, releasing spare capacity to maximise the value of every course you run so that you never waste a space.
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CourseSight helps you elevate the training of your supply chain by connecting supply chain members with trusted and accredited training providers.

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CourseSight's Clients

CourseSight serves dedicated training organisations as well as major organisations with a significant internal training capacity.
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Transport for London
Transport for London is the body responsible for London's transport network, covering trains, busses, the London Underground and more. 
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Network Rail
CourseSight helps Network Rail fill course spaces that would otherwise remain empty to drive additional revenue.
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Carney Consultancy Logo
Carney Consultancy
Carney Consultancy specialises in construction and engineering Health and Safety Training.
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Kier Logo
Kier uses CourseSight to sell surplus capacity of accredited training to its supply chain and the general industry.
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NC Group Logo
NC Group
NC Group offers bespoke training solutions and consultancy services to major organisations across the UK.
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Tica and Acad logos
TICA is the trade association for Thermal Insulation contractors and ACAD are the trade body for the asbestos removal industry.
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Cleshar Logo
Cleshar delivers accredited railway specific safety training to London Underground, Network Rail.
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Network Training Partnership
"I thoroughly recommend the CourseSight system."
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Key Features

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Automation of Course Management

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Every kind of learning

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Online Booking and Payments


Planning and Administration of Courses

Reporting, insights and data

Reporting and Insights

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