SkillSight is a training database that transforms CSCS and other compatible physical or virtual smartcards into powerful business tools, enabling you to add training, qualifications or other information to the cards.

All this valuable information can then be edited online and kept up-to-date (without the card being present) either by you or by someone you nominate within your company.

SkillSight turns smartcards into fully accessible 'Skills Passports' that can be accessed whenever and wherever it is needed.

With SkillSight it’s easy to:

  • Maintain up-to-date training, qualifications and competence information across your direct workforce and supply chain.
  • Track toolbox talks, inductions and workforce competence expiries.
  • Access up-to-date information whenever and wherever you need it.

SkillSight is free and available 24/7. Registration is simple; minimal details are needed to unlock the true power of your smartcard.

Who should use SkillSight?

Sole Traders

Cardholders can view the data stored on their card(s), to ensure their training and qualifications are recorded and are up-to-date. With accurate and complete data stored and read from your smartcard, it’s easy to present on site when needed and gain recognition within the supply chain for having the required skills.

Small Businesses

For small businesses that would not normally have the resources to implement their own dedicated training system, SkillSight opens a world of possibilities that are usually only available to big-budget companies. It also gives the option to transfer SkillSight data into any major client’s SkillGuard system.

"By efficiently managing training records SkillSight is playing its part in improving standards and safety on UK construction sites."

Alan O’Neile, Head of Communications, CSCS

Large Companies

Large companies are likely to use SkillSight to provide supply chain visibility when looking to verify the qualifications and training of their mobile workforce.

By checking individual’s CSCS and other compatible smartcards electronically via Go Smart, authority to work can be assured and fake cards can be detected.

Furthermore, large companies using our premium SkillGuard solution can transfer SkillSight data from their supply chain into their corporate SkillGuard solution to maintain comprehensive records without the need for duplicated data entry.

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