SkillGuard covers everyone working for you – not only direct employees and sub- contractors, but also temporary workers and visitors.

SkillGuard is the UK’s leading system for managing mobile workforces – whether directly employed or sub-contracted - providing every function major clients and principal contractors need.

Developed continuously by our award-winning, in-house team of developers and specialists, SkillGuard is simply the most comprehensive, powerful and authoritative corporate solution available, delivering reliable authority to work and mobile workforce management.

Our corporate clients include Network Rail, Transport for London (TfL), Highways England, HS2, Tarmac and Thames Water. Each of these systems provide unrivalled corporate protection for the client and the workforce. Directly-employed workers as well as the tens of thousands of supply chain staff use our systems every day, 24/7, across the UK, keeping people safe and sites productive.

How SkillGuard works

Accessed via the internet, the SkillGuard database is powerful, flexible and easy to use. Starting with each individual, SkillGuard enables you to build a record for each person whether directly-employed or sub-contracted: their qualifications, competences, formally delivered training and site-based events, creating real-time authority to work credentials that can be verified at anytime and anywhere – on your sites or projects, as well as across your company offices.

But SkillGuard isn’t just about skills and training: it manages every other aspect of a person’s record that is needed before allowing access on site, including: their employment status, their sponsor or tier 1 contractor, their occupational health record, last medical and their D&A tests - even PPE allocation can be logged. Their project, site and work history, along with time and attendance, fatigue management including travel time, is recorded and auditable, making it simply the most powerful mobile workforce management solution on the market.

Our clients reporting their Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) data to us consistently achieve reductions of more than 10% annually, saving lives and millions of pounds in saved downtime.

Who should use SkillGuard?

SkillGuard is a premium and comprehensive mobile workforce management solution, ideal for construction clients, principal and tier 1 & 2 contractors, who need a system to manage large mobile workforces – directly employed and supply chain.

We work with our clients to confirm initial configuration of the system, which includes branding (full customisation is also available) and then develop an implementation and rollout plan as part of our service using our extensive experience on similar large-scale projects. As such it is not just an IT system: it’s an entire solution to help manage workforces and provide trusted and authenticated authority to work.

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