Gencarda is an off the shelf, web-based solution - a powerful database that enables you to manage your organisation’s data and issue and manage both virtual and/or physical smartcards. Uses include: ID cards, cards showing qualifications and training, membership cards and loyalty cards. If your organisation issues smartcards, Gencarda is a great solution for you.

Why use Gencarda?

Quick and easy to set up, with a low set up fees and card issue charges. Gencarda is highly cost effective to implement and manage.

Defined roles and a simple user interface make the system really easy to use and cards can be updated, cancelled and reactivated in real time with card expiries also easy to identify and manage.

With functionality to accommodate multiple card designs, Gencarda enables you to issue a number of cards to cardholders, so you can issue virtual smartcards either alongside physical cards or on their own.

There are many business advantages in issuing virtual smartcards in place of physical cards. These include:

  • Reduced costs – low set up fees and per card charge plus you no longer need to manage physical card stocks and the print set up and management process
  • Cards are issued instantly, are ready to use as soon as they are downloaded and do not need to be sent out in the post, saving time and reducing costs
  • Cards are quicker and easier to check using secure QR codes on our FREE Checarda app
  • Cardholders receive notifications each time their card is updated or read, keeping them informed, so that you don’t have to
  • Cards cannot be lost, as cards can be transferred to another device, saving considerable time and costs
  • People might forget their smartcard but they never forget their smartphone!

Who should use Gencarda?

Gencarda, is ideal for managing mobile and static workforces, memberships, qualifications and other credentials and has applications across many sectors.

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