Vircarda is a FREE app for securely storing and managing virtual smartcards on a mobile device, available for Android and iOS.

How does it work?

When a virtual smartcard is issued in Gencarda, an email and/or SMS is sent to the recipient advising them to download the Vircarda app along with their card.

The app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices and is easy to download from the relevant app store, taking just seconds. After a simple registration process, the cardholder is able to access and use their virtual card.

Vircarda can store multiple virtual smartcards in one app and cards can then be:

  • Transferred to another device owned by the cardholder
  • Easily updated, cancelled, suspended or reactivated in real time ensuring details are always current
  • Read as needed, using Checarda providing the cardholder with a notification of the reading.

Who should use Vircarda?

Vircarda is for everyone who has a virtual smartcard issued using Gencarda, so all you need is for your employer, trade or professional body or sports club to issue you with a virtual smartcard using our platform and the rest is simple.

For more information

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